Hose Nozzle

White moulded plastic used for
Inserting into hose and can also be
Used for tube.
The hose nozzles are available in the
Following sizes:
HN06, HN08, HN10, HN13,
HN16, HN19, HN25, HN32,
HN38 & HN50.

Green moulded plastic used for cut
tube and pipe and JIC fittings.
The JIC/Tube nozzles are available
In the following sizes:
TN05, JN06, JN08/TN06, TN08,
JN10, TN10, TN12, JN13/TN13,
TN15, JN16/TN16, TN18,
JN19/TN19,TN20, JN25/TN22,
JN32/TN25, TN28, TN30, TN32,
TN35, JN38/TN38, TN42,
JN50/TN50 & TN60

BSP Nozzle
Blue moulded plastic used for
inserting into BSP fittings.
The BSP nozzles are available in the
following sizes:
BN06, BN10, BN13,
BN16, BN19, BN25, BN32,