The AM-4 50 Pellet/Projectile Launcher is a robust, lightweight air tool ergonomically designed to connect with a special purpose 50mm head using a patented multi-point interlocking mechanism. The hand piece can also have a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve attached via portholes.


The AM-4 50 Foam Projectile Launcher can quickly and effectively clean hose, tube and pipe from 5mm to 50mm in a variety of commercial and industrial applications reducing the need for current costly cleaning methods.

The AM-4  50 Pellet/Projectile Launcher fires a foam projectile that is approximately 20% larger than the internal diameter of the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned. When propelled through the line, the foam projectile cleans by wiping the internal surface forcing the contamination out of the open end.

Pellets /Projectiles will travel through 90 degree angles, “T” joints, coils, “U” bends, full flow open valves and configurations.

The 10mm air inlet allows for sufficient volume of air to propel the pellets up to 100’s of metres.

The two-finger trigger mechanism allows for full control of airflow.

The AM-4 50 Foam Projectile Launcher is a cost effective, environmentally friendly system that is easy and safe to operate while reducing down time on site.